Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Year of Fatih

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph help our family, pray for us 
  Plaque of Holy Family at Maryknoll Sisters Center, Maryknoll, New York
        created many years ago by a Maryknoll Sister Artist

Dear Parent,

Yes, I do love writing for your child. I like creating stories for children. I hope you will read them to your child or help your child read them.

 During this Year of Faith declared by Pope Benedict XVI, let us see what we can offer your child.  I will start with some short stories about prayer. The Year of Faith began in October of 2012.  The purpose is to take a good look at the wonderful life of Faith. The Holy Father has called us to reflect on our Faith that Jesus calls us to enjoy. I hope your child will find many opportunities to learn more about the Catholic Faith, so that he or she will have the joy of knowing Jesus ever more intimately as the years go by.

Take some time to sit with your child and make God's Love visible for him or her. I hope the brief reflections will help you start the conversation.

                                                                           Peace, Joy in Christ
                                                                            Sister Elizabeth
Maryknoll Sisters - 100 years of Making God's Love Visible