Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Mystery!

Mystery of Light
                                                                                                              Photo by Anastssia Lindwati
Sunlight is a mysterious thing. The sun is very far away, but its light travels very fast. AND it is so bright that it lights up our earth. How does that light travel here?

One thing scientists THINK is that light is both

PARTICLE  (a tiny piece) AND a WAVE.

A particle of light is called a photon

A light wave is simply a wave.

How it can be two things at the same time is a big mystery, even today when we know so many things !
When you shine a flashlight into the night, you can send tiny photons out to space.

Here’s a little poem to help us remember this wonderful mystery of light!
A Little Photon

I’m a little photon traveling in the night.

I’m a bit of light that makes the sun shine bright.

Send me out on a dark starry night.

If I avoid the dust and molecules I sight,

I’ll pass the moon in a two second flight.

When I look back, the Earth and the Moon

are mere points of light.

I greet the sun, but fly on bright

I‘m a little photon

Traveling tonight at the speed of light.