Monday, August 19, 2013

Jane Shares her Religion Lesson with Her Little Brother

Year of Faith

God loves us!  God loves us!   God loves us!

Jane Shares her Religion Lesson with Her Little Brother

   When Jane came home from school, Billy pleaded, “Jane, push me on the swing Dad made for me.”
   Jane said, “Okay, and I will tell you a story, too.”
She took Billy by the hand and walked him to the back yard. Jane lifted Billy into the swing.  She pushed it gently.
    Billy said, “Tell me the story!”
   Jane said, “Jesus was going around his country telling people about God, his Father.
   Crowds gathered wherever he went.  And people wanted to get up close to see and hear him.
   “Billy, Jesus cured people of all kinds of things.  He could make blind people see, and he fixed the ears of people who couldn’t hear, so that they could hear everything. He even brought people back to life.
   And one day, people were crowding around him. The Apostles, his closest friends, were trying to keep people from pushing and shoving.  Some women wanted Jesus to bless their children.  I guess they were really pushing their children up front.
   So, some of the apostles, stopped them. They told them to get away, because they were crowding Jesus. And do you know what happened?”
   Billy, wide–eyed turned in the swing to look at Jane behind him.  “What happened?” he asked.
   “Jesus said, ‘Let the children come to me.’ Jesus really likes children. He talked to them and he blessed them.  
   “And Mr James, my catechist, says Jesus loves us, too. And we can tell Jesus anything at all and he will listen. Right now, we can talk to Jesus because he promised to be with us always.”
   Billy’s eyes opened even wider. “You mean Jesus is here right now?”
  “Yes,” Jane said, “And he likes to be with us. Want to tell Jesus anything?”
   Billy said, “Oh, Jesus, THANK YOU for this swing Dad made for me.”
   Jane said, “That’s a nice prayer, Billy?”

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