Sunday, December 2, 2012

photo by Anastasia Lindawati
Sunlight is a mysterious thing. The sun is very far away.
92,955,820.5 miles
149,597,892 kilometers
 Light from the sun travels very, very fast.
186,282.397 miles per second
It is so  bright that it lights up our earth from morning to night. How does that light travel here? 

 One thing scientists have discovered is that light is both

a particle (a tiny piece) AND a wave

A particle of light is called a photon

A light wave is simply a wave.

How it can be two things at the same time is a big mystery

even today when we know so many things?

At this time of year, we celebrate an even greater mystery.

  The Birth of Christ,  

whom Catholics call the Light of The World


Christmas Scene at Maryknoll Sisters
Maryknoll, New York, 10545-0311
 May peace and joy fill every heart during this Holy Season!
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