Monday, February 11, 2013

Mr James, The New Teacher

Maria               Sally                      Jane

A New Teacher

 God loves us! ♫♫ God loves us! ♫♫ God loves us!”

          Sally, Jane, and Maria walked home singing the song they learned in Religion Class. 

When Sally got to her house, she waved goodbye to her friends and skipped into the living room.

         “Mom , Mr. James is my new Religion Teacher. He is not like my other teachers..”           
          “What is different about him?”
          “I know how to pray, because you and Daddy and Grandma always help me say my prayers before I go to bed.  But Mr. James says there are lots and lots of ways to pray.  He wants us to learn lots of ways, so we can pray no matter what happens to us.
            “He says learning to pray is not like adding or subtracting. Sometimes I don’t know the answer when I have to add or subtract. But when I pray, Mr James says I will always know the answer.”
           He says, “When we ask God for anything, God’s answer is always love.  God loves us all the time.
           "If I tell God why I am sad,or something hurts, the first thing God does is love me. And if  ANYTHING is wrong, God wants me to say right away what it is!
         “Mr James says that’s just the way God is. God just loves and loves and loves. God loves EVERYBODY. That's why people can love each other. God shows us how.
          Mom gave Sally a big hug! God loves you and I love you, too.
          Sally said, "I love you, too, Mom."
          Mom said, “That’s a great way to pray!  I hope you learn to pray in lots of ways.”