Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Jesus is Present in my Little Brother!

Jesus is Present in My Little Brother!

      “God loves us. God loves us, God loves us,” Jane sang as she skipped into the kitchen.
       Mrs. Santos asked, “Well, what did Mr. James have to say today?”
       "Mr. James says, Lent is a time when we remember what Jesus did for us and what He is doing now.  Mom, I am so thirsty! Mr. James told us all about how Jesus was taken prisoner. Do you know Jesus was tortured that night?  Mr. James showed us where the Gospel says he was scourged.”
       Mrs. Santos poured some cold lemonade into a glass as she asked, “And do you know what scourged means?”
       “Yes,’ Jane said, “It means the soldiers beat Him. Isn’t that awful, after how good Jesus was to everyone?
       As Jane drank her lemonade, she thought of Jesus being tortured.  People in Iraq and Syria and Afghanistan are being hurt, too. People are being hurt just like Jesus was.”
      “Mom, Mr James said Jesus not only died on the cross. He rose again and ascended into heaven, but He is present now in the Mass, the Blessed Sacrament, in us and people we meet, too.”
      “That’s right, Jane, Jesus promised to send his Spirit to be with us forever. Jesus promised he would never abandon us. He loves us.”
      Just then, Jane’s little brother ran into the kitchen.  He was waving the newspaper. “Jane, Jane, read me the comics, pu – leeze!”
     Jane made a face even as she wondered, “Jesus is present in Billy?” 
     “Mom, do you think Jesus likes the comics?”
     Mrs. Santos laughed aloud.  “I don’t know, but your little brother likes them.”
Jane took the newspaper from her little brother and began to read.