Monday, April 29, 2013

Year of Faith

  God Loves us, God loves us, God loves us!
Jane and her friends ran into the house singing "God loves us." Jane was excited, "Mom, Mom! Guess what? Jesus brought a little girl back to life! Mr. James, told us all about it.  He says, Jesus did that so we would understand he is God.
"I wish I could have seen that. Just imagine!  Everybody was sad, and the girl's father didn't know what to do, but he must have heard that Jesus was nearby.  He just went and asked Jesus to heal his daughter.

"And his servants came and said not to bother because she was dead. Jesus said she was not dead, but just sleeping. He went to the house and took the little girl by the hand and asked her to get up.

"And she got up, and then he told them to give her something to eat.

"And that is in the Bible in Matthew, chapter 9, verses 18 to 26.

"Mr. James says Jesus didn't do miracles to show off, or to become famous. He did them to show that he is God and that God loves us.  Isn't that great?"

Jane's mother said, "Yes, we better celebrate that. Would you girls like a cold drink and some cookies?"

One of Jane's friends said, "Gee, Mrs. Santos, this is like a miracle. I smelled the cookies and I wanted one so badly!"

Mrs. Santos laughed. "You girls are just charmers. I am sure God has great plans for you. When Jesus tells you to stand up for what you believe, I am sure you will do as he asks."