Friday, May 24, 2013

God Loves Us!

Year of Faith


God Loves Us!  God Loves Us! God Loves Us!

Mom! Mom! You know what Mr. James taught us today?”
“No, Jane. What did he teach you?” Mrs. Santos asked.
“Mr James says, “We need to know four things to be followers of Jesus and members of his Church.”
“Only four?” Mrs. Santos asked.
“Yes. We need to know:
        1. What we believe.
        2. What will help us increase our faith,
        3. How to live what we believe
        4. And how to talk with God.
“That sounds like a pretty big order,” Mrs. Santos said.”
“Mr. James says we need to know how to talk with God. God can show us how to do the first three.”
Billy came running into the kitchen. “Jane, did Mr. James tell you any stories about Jesus today?”
“Yes, Billy, Mr James said Jesus taught that brothers have to be good to their big sisters.”
Billy waved the comics at Jane and asked, “What about sisters being good to their little brothers?”
Jane laughed and said, “Okay, okay. I will read the comics for you.”

Billy, Jane's Little Brother
[1] See Prologue to Catechism of the Catholic Church I–3 and 
Acts 2:42

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